COVID-19 Safety Policy

Important Notice About This Policy

The plan described below is based on COVID-19 virus and vaccination information available to us as of February 14, 2021 and is highly likely to change over the next several months. You may be asked to review and sign new disclaimers as the Weekend event dates approach.
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Ready to register but not yet vaccinated?

No worries! The registration process will allow you to complete registration pending vaccination and a reminder will be sent to those who have not confirmed vaccination four (4) weeks prior to the event so that you can complete the information as requested.

Proof of Vaccination Required

All Fist Fest attendees, including those purchasing Day Passes, will be required to present proof that they received their final COVID-19 vaccination at least four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the weekend.

Vaccination must be completed at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. The specific deadline dates are:

The following information must appear on vaccine documentation:

Take a photo of your document. Keep the photo on your phone as a backup in case you lose or forget the original documentation. In the photo please include:

If you cannot produce an original vaccination document or photo you will be denied access to the event.

During online registration you will be instructed to acknowledge and agree to all 2021 Fist Fest event attendance requirements. You will acknowledge that while vaccination appears to provide some level of COVID-19 immunity this is not guaranteed, and COVID-19 infection may occur. Symptoms you should watch for include:

If you leave the Metropolis Entertainment Complex grounds after registration:

Online Attestation Required

During online registration you will be instructed to acknowledge and agree to all 2021 Fist Fest event attendance requirements.

  1. You agree not to hold Fist Fest and Metropolis Entertainment Complex responsible for contraction of COVID-19 or the consequences of infection.
  2. You acknowledge that while vaccination likely provides some level of COVID-19 immunity this is not guaranteed, and infection may occur.
  3. You understand that vaccinated individuals who contract COVID-19, may experience mild illness or be asymptomatic and may transmit the virus to others. Continued use of masks, gloves, handwashing, and cleaning of equipment is strongly advised regardless of vaccine status. You acknowledge the continued risk to contract COVID-19 via close contact, with or without a mask, other protections or social distancing.
  4. You acknowledge that you will be denied admission without documented proof of vaccination.

Uploading your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

You must upload your COMPLETED COVID-19 vaccination card to us no later than four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the weekend to avoid cancellation of your registration. If your vaccination card is not uploaded by the deadline, your registration will be cancelled, your pass fee will be refunded and your host hotel reservation, if any, will be cancelled and refunded.


Your vaccination is being reviewed for confirmation purposes only. Once reviewed, your card will be deleted from our server. We will keep on file:

  1. the fact that you have been vaccinated,
  2. the last date of vaccination,
  3. vaccine manufacturer,
  4. your date of birth (in the event of duplicate names) and
  5. your name.

This information will be kept on file for one (1) year from the date of your last vaccination. Should you attend more than one weekend in a year, you will not need to re-enter this information.

Your information will be accessible by you when you log on to the FistFest.org website and by our web/social media secretary only.