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Photography Policy

Fist Fest attendees come from all walks of life: teachers, professionals, doctors, lawyers, politicians, married, gay, by, trans and straight. Not everyone wants to be splashed around on social media. So, with that in mind:

Cell phones and cameras are not allowed in the Pig Pen at any time.

Filming and Photography Rules

Filming and photography are allowed at the Pool Party and at Hell Hole: At The Edge of Hell, under the following circumstances:

CAVEAT: Anyone attending the special parties understands that they may inadvertently be filmed and should take appropriate actions toward concealing their identity (should they desire) such as wearing a cap, sunglasses or a T-shirt to cover distinctive tattoos.

It is never okay to take photos or videos of anyone's scene without asking first and obtaining explicit permission from the participants.

Just because you see someone else filming a scene, it does not grant YOU permission. You must ask and get separate permission.

Avoid photographing/filming faces, name tags, or other identifying information.

No "general" photography. In other words, don’t stand next to the pool and take a panoramic shot of the area during play times.

If you film or photograph a scene and someone's face inadvertently pops into the frame, blur the face out before you post it, or just don’t post it at all if it can't be cropped or blurred. Even better, just delete it.

These same rules apply at all other times around the pool. People sometimes break out in spontaneous play. Be considerate. If you want to record a scene, ask, obtain permission, and avoid faces.


If you feel that someone is not following the rules, is not being considerate, or is being intrusive, please let one of your hosts know immediately. Telling us tomorrow won’t help us keep offending images off social media.