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About Your Reservation

Things You Should Know

We are a private event, not open to the general public.

Due to the high demand, rooms and passes for a weekend are released 6 months prior to the start date for the weekend. For example, for the FFull Moon weekend in July, rooms and passes will be available in mid-January.

There is a 3 night minimum stay at Metropolis Entertainment Complex for Fist Fest: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (of course you may stay longer. Inquire at the front desk about discounts for additional nights).

A $100 room deposit is required. You must purchase your weekend pass before reserving your room by clicking the "Buy Passes" tab above. Then when you call the resort, give them your invoice number. Passes and room deposits are refundable up to 30 days prior to the event.

You must first purchase your weekend pass before reserving your room. Passes are refundable up to 30 days prior to the event.

Call the resort to reserve your room. You will be required to provide your Pass invoice number. The resort requires a $100 deposit per room. Check with the resort for it's current refund policy.

If the resort is full and you would like to get on a room waiting list, call the resort at 706-722-1155.

WE DO NOT MAINTAIN A ROOM WAITING LIST, THE RESORT DOES. All accommodations requests are handled by the resort.

Everyone in your room must purchase a weekend pass. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No Pass, No Room:

All attendees are required to first purchase your weekend pass before you will be allowed to reserve a room at Metropolis Entertainment Complex.

And you could end up losing your room:

If you should somehow get a room without having purchased a pass and the resort fills up, we will notify you two times that you need to purchase your pass. If after the second reminder you have not purchased your pass, we will ask the resort to release your room to the waiting list. If this occurs more than 30 days before the weekend, we will also ask the resort to refund your deposit.

Do Not Reserve Policy:

Unfortunately, too many of you reserve rooms at the resort and fail to notify the resort that your plans have changed and that you are not able to attend. This is patently unfair: to someone else who would have come if he or they could have gotten a room, to the resort which loses revenue for the weekend, and to us who lose revenue from the weekend pass. Therefore, you will be put on a DO NOT RESERVE list for one (1) year if:

Consideration will be given for reasonable reasons.

Your weekend pass gets you 24 hour access to the resort, whether you are staying on or off property. Day passes are good for the day of purchase. If you are staying off property, the resort adds their own pass fee in addition to ours whether you are attending for the weekend or for the day.

Please remember to bring floor coverings, tarps and play sheets to cover the beds and carpets in the rooms! Guests will be charged for any excessive damage they cause to their rooms.