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About Us

A Safe Place to Learn and Play

Is this your first time at Fist Fest or at a large play party weekend? NO WORRIES! Join our first timers' orientation.

On Thursday evening, right after registration closes, you'll want to join in for the newbie Class Orientation led by one of our seasonal attendees , Introduce yourself to other newbies and make new FF friends. The class will includes a tour of the property, play spaces and some insights on the "do's and don'ts" of the weekend, play etiquette and more.

If you're kinky, or even if you're not sure yet, come and join us. We are a friendly bunch. Don't worry about what you're wearing either. Whether you're into leather, rubber, latex, fetish gear or you're just a "jeans n' T-shirt" kinda guy, it simply doesn't matter. It's YOU that matters and YOU we want to see at our event. It's not about what you wear — hell, many men are naked all weekend. It's not about your body type or age, or even your level of experience. It's not about BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) or leather or gear.

This is a weekend specifically for and by men who are into BUTTS, HOLES and HANDS (and other related stuff). So leave your friends who faint at the thought of sticking a hand up someone's butt at home! If you're into ASSPLAY, this is the weekend for YOU.

We are a private event, not open to the general public. You'll need to get on our newsletter email list . That way you can keep abreast of all the announcements leading up to the event.

Weekend Highlights
A "safer-sex, drug-free" weekend

Everyone wants to have ffun and LOTS of it. Let's face it, we're away on vacation and we want to let our hair down (those of us who still have some) and really enjoy ourselves. So we tend to use a bit more "enhancement" than we might otherwise. We want to encourage everyone to leave non-prescription medications at home. But if you must indulge whether it be favors or alcohol please do so responsibly and in moderation with respect for our fellow guests. Leather cleaner is cool, but remember that it is not compatible with medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction and with many heart medications. Combining them can result in serious injury or even death. Consult your physician, do some research, and be careful.

Likewise, we've come a long way in our knowledge base when it comes to the risks of fisting and transmission of diseases. We're asking folks to play responsibly and safely in the public play spaces and encouraging you to do the same in the private ones. Please have frank, open and honest discussions with your play partners.

For Our Brothers in Recovery

In keeping with our goal to provide a safer-sex, drug-free environment within which to socialize, we are adding 12 Step meetings to the weekend. On Friday and Saturday mornings, meetings will be conducted in a safe space, led by an experienced facilitator.

A Weekend Learning Experience

As you can see from the weekend schedule, there will be opportunities to come together to learn and share our knowledge and experiences with others. Much of what we know, much of what we have learned, we have learned through experience and what we have been told by others. What we'll be doing this weekend is sharing our knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and experiences about how to enhance our sexual experiences while maintaining safety, both in the cleanliness of our play spaces, and in safer sex practices.

What You Can Expect

Public play spaces are supplied with all the slings and other equipment, and all the supplies you'll need to have a FFun time! beer, bottled water and sports drinks will be supplied continuously all weekend. Bloody marys and mimosa in the morning.